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Executive Insight, Phishing

Going stealth: Bad guys embrace the power of branding

By Stu Sjouwerman Since the very dawn of organized phishing attacks, the bad guys have recognized the power of exploiting trusted brands and online services. Our original experience with phishing was defined by spoofed emails purporting to hail from popular banks. Their objective was simple: trick users into coughing up their online banking credentials with…
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It’s raining phishes out there. Do you know what your users are doing?

If you work in the IT trenches, there has likely come a moment while you were sitting in your office, reviewing the latest news about current phishing campaigns, when you suddenly looked up and cast your eyes across the floor, pondering a very basic question: just what are your users doing with all those malicious…
Executive Insight, Opinion

Five non-phishing types of cyberattacks to prepare for

Everybody is talking about email, browsing, and phishing as the main attack scenarios organizations should care about. However, in the real world, determined attackers use a variety of additional techniques that are in many cases under the radar of enterprise security teams. There are many of those attacks out there, and they’re gaining popularity. Here…
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Q&A with Andrei Barysevich, director of advanced collection at threat intelligence firm Recorded Future

SC: How do the operators on the dark web use the services: for DDoS attacks, for ransomware attacks? Barysevich: The DDoS operators represent a significant portion of illicit business offered to cybercrooks. Not that long ago, we researched hidden marketplaces and communities and identified at least 50 vendors offering DDoS-for-hire services. Although mostly used to…
Executive Insight

Flagging Treacherous Ground: Converting Security Liabilities into Assets

New school security awareness training has become an integral part of the layered security posture developed by many organizations large and small. In an era where zero day exploits are regularly delivered to users’ inboxes and even the best anti-virus engines routinely miss newly released malicious files and links, users are truly the last the…
Executive Insight, Opinions

Giving the game away: Five obvious “tells” in malicious emails

By Stu Sjouwerman, CEO, KnowBe4 As the online threats to organizations have grown over the past 10-15 years, security awareness training (SAT) has become a critical component of the security infrastructure deployed by IT departments to protect their networks from attacks by malicious actors, whether those attacks are driven by increasingly sophisticated phishing campaigns, voice-driven…
Executive Insight

False Flags & Leveraged Trust: Phishing Techniques for Novices & Experts Alike

At the heart of every phishing attack is a special type of confidence scheme that we know as “social engineering.” Social engineering, despite its technical-sounding name, is simply an attempt by malicious parties to make themselves appear to be other than who they are in order to persuade targeted individuals to take potentially dangerous actions…
Executive Insight

The Littler Fish in the Sea: Expanding the Menu of Spoofed Brands

If there is one key “feature” of phishing that has characterized the epidemic of malicious emails since the very beginning back in the early 2000s, it is the spoofing of well-recognized brand names.  The earliest phishing emails primarily spoofed banks and other financial institutions in order to trick unwitting users into coughing up their online…
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