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Turkey blocks cloud service due to email leak

Turkish anti-censorship group Turkey Blocks is reporting that various cloud services are blocked throughout Turkey as the Turkish government attempts to contain an email leak from its energy minister.
Data Breach

Where Equifax falls among the top recent data breaches

Equifax’s data breach exposing 143 million customer records is certainly a massive number, but it only falls more or less in the middle of the pack when it comes to some of the larger breaches experienced over the last several years. However, the numbers do not tell the entire story. Not all data breaches are…
Yahoo data breach
Security News

Yahoo! data breach likely exceeds 500 million records

The security firm InfoArmor believes the Yahoo! data breach far exceeds the 500 million number, that the hack was accomplished by a cybergang, not a nation-state, and that overall about 3.5 billion user records have been stolen over the years.
Data Breach

Monitoring logons ‘the most effective way to detect data breach’

Monitoring corporate logins is the most effective way to detect a data breach within an organisation, according to a new report on the ‘key indicators of compromise’ by IS Decisions. Mismatched port and application traffic, increases in data reads or outbound traffic, geographical irregularities regarding the perimeter of the organisation, and data access at irregular times and…
Data Breach

‘Combo list’ database of previously breached accounts contains over 560M credentials

An unknown individual has compiled a huge online data set comprised of approximately 560 million emails and their corresponding credentials, over 243 million of which are unique, according to Kromtech Security Research Center. Most or perhaps all of the credentials have been leaked before, only now they have been gathered into a massive combo list, Kromtech reported…
Security News

Dozens of high-profile Box accounts found leaking sensitive data

Adversis researchers have discovered that dozens of companies have leaked sensitive data as a result of misconfigured Box accounts. Box is a cloud based “content management platform” primarily used to share files and folders and similar to AWS S3 buckets. The files can be shared to anyone with the link, restricted to those within a…
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