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Data Breach, Security News

Double exposure: 24 million loan records also exposed on open Amazon S3 bucket

The original mortgage and credit documents involved in the 24 million Elasticsearch data breach that was revealed earlier this week also have been found residing in an open Amazon S3 bucket by the cyber researcher behind the original discovery. Bob Diachenko told TechCrunch, which worked with him on the original investigation, that more digging was…
Defending the database
Data Breach, Security News

22 million emails found in mystery open database

An otherwise unremarkable find of an open Elasticsearch database containing millions of records became a Sherlock Holmes mystery as researchers cannot figure out the database’s origins. Security researcher Troy Hunt, of Have I Been Pwned, was informed in February about an open database he has named db8151dd containing 90GB of data containing 22.8 million emails.…
Cloud Security, Security News

Job seeker’s data exposed on open Ladders database

The employment website Ladders exposed almost 14 million user records when it left an Amazon Elasticsearch database unprotected. Security researcher Sanyam Jain found the open server and informed TechCrunch of the situation. After Ladders was informed of the issue the server was quickly taken down the issue is being addressed. The information that was exposed…
Data Breach, Security News ElasticSearch database left unsecured

The movie streaming service Kanopy has been leaking access and API logs through an unsecured ElasticSearch database, according to a cybersecurity researcher. Justin Paine, director of trust and safety at Cloudflare according to LinkedIn, and blogging under the name xxdesmus noted that since March 7 the site has been leaking up to 40 million log…
Data Breach, Security News

Open database, poor decision making exposes PII of 8 million

The recent mistaken exposure of the information of 8 million people due to an open Elasticsearch database exposed the danger not only of cloud storage security, but the importance of individuals keeping their personal information close to the vest. Security researcher Sanyam Jain came across a database belonging to Ifficient, a company that gathered leads…
Data Breach, Security News

24 million credit and mortgage records exposed on Elasticsearch database

An open Elasticsearch database has again been found this time exposing 24.3 million mortgage and credit reports. Independent cybersecurity researcher Bob Diachenko said he found the 51GB of optical character recognition recorded pieces data earlier this month using public search engines like Shodan and Censys. The records contained very sensitive PII including Social Security numbers,…
Data Breach, Security News

Unsecured server exposes 4 billion records, 1.2 billion people

Two security researchers have uncovered four billion records on 1.2 billion people on an unsecured Elasticsearch server impacting what is estimated to be hundreds of millions of people. The data itself comes from the data aggregator and enrichment companies People Data Labs (PDL) and OxyData.Io and contains basic personal information, such as names, home and…
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Data Breach, Security News

Canada’s Freedom Mobile Elasticsearch database exposed

Researchers are claiming to have found an open Elasticsearch database containing 5 million records related 10 1.5 million Freedom Mobile customers — figures disputed by the telecommunications company. Noam Rotem and Ran Locar from vpnMentor said they came across the database on April 17 and attempted to contact Freedom Mobile on April 18 and 23…
Data Breach, Security News

Blisk browser left open, 2.9 million records exposed

The web-development browser Blisk suffered a data breach leaking more than 2.9 million records through an open Elasticsearch database that was left open and that bypassed the security put in place by its users. The browser has been compromised in a way that it now leaks the data it was designed to gather from web…
Data Breach, Security News

Adobe leaves Creative Cloud database open, 7.5 million users exposed

An unsecured Elasticsearch database left exposed the account information of about 7.5 million Adobe Creative Cloud users. Comparitech, in association with security researcher Bob Diachenko, found the Adobe database, which could be accessed without a password or any login credentials. The company was notified on October 19 and the database was locked down that day.…
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