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As US takes sweeping action against Russia for years of hacking, industry skeptical of impact

Anticipated for months, the Biden administration unveiled a sweeping set of sanctions and other actions against the Russian government, as well as private individuals and a number of Russian tech and defense companies. While applauded in cyber circles, some remain skeptical that the efforts will deter Moscow's cyberespionage efforts.

Snowflake’s journey to passwordless and beyond

At Snowflake, customer data is sacrosanct, and securing it has remained a top priority since its inception. Snowflake’s advanced data platform was born in and lives in the cloud and the company runs its business entirely in the cloud. Join this webcast and learn why Snowflake chose to go passwordless, how it got there, and…

Why we can expect another SolarWinds attack

Today’s columnist, Ryan Noon of Material Security, says we can expect more SolarWinds attacks until we change to an “inside-out” strategy that assumes attackers are already inside the network and security teams set defenses accordingly.
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