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Justice to drop charges against two companies indicted by Mueller

In an effort to protect government sources and investigative methods, Justice Department prosecutors will drop charges against two Russian companies, Concord Management and Concord Consulting, indicted by former Special Counsel Robert Mueller for financing operations behind interference in the 2016 presidential election. The two companies, along with Internet Research Agency and a cadre of 13…
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Super Tuesday prompts election security vigilance, government warning

The biggest story on Super Tuesday might not be whether former Vice President Joe Biden; Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.; or Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., pick up the most delegates, but rather if polling stations or election-related entities have to fend off any hinky cybersecurity activity, tech problems or disinformation campaigns. Recent contentions that Russia has continued…
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Roger Stone lied to House Intel Committee, beseeched WikiLeaks for dirt on Clinton, prosecutor says

In the opening day of the trial of Trump adviser Roger Stone, prosecutors said texts, emails and phone calls will show that Stone was in touch with President Trump on the day the Democratic National Committee (DNC) was hacked by Russian operatives. The prosecution also said Stone attempted to procure emails stolen from Democrats and…
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Mueller Russian probe docs manipulated, leaked via Twitter

Non-public information gathered by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team in the investigation of Russian company Concord Management and Consulting and shared during discovery, was manipulated and made accessible by a pro-Russian Twitter account in an effort to discredit Mueller’s Russian probe, Justice Department court documents revealed Wednesday. The filing asked the court not to grant…
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Suspected Chinese TEMP.Periscope phishing campaign adopts Russian APT techniques

The Chinese threat actor TEMP.Periscope is being blamed for a phishing-based malware campaign last July against a U.K.-based engineering company, only researchers say the perpetrators exhibited Russian APT techniques to carry out their mission. A company blog post from Recorded Future’s Insikt Group division reports that the attackers used known, published tactics from reputed Russian…
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State of security: West Virginia

Who’s in charge: Secretary of State Mac Warner, Manager of Elections Donald Kersey West Virginia is attempting something unprecedented in this year’s 2018 elections: It will reportedly become the first state to allow residents and military members stationed abroad to vote in a general election using a mobile app. Overseas absentee voters will use this app, which is…
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State of Security: Delaware

Who’s in Charge: Commissioner of Elections Elaine Manlove Delaware may be known as the First State, but it certainly doesn’t come in first when it comes to cybersecurity. To document and tabulate its residents’ votes, the tiny mid-Atlantic state uses the Danaher Shouptronic 1242 – a push-button direct-record electronic solution that does not have a voter-verified…
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State of Security: Mississippi

Who’s in Charge: Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann Election officials in Mississippi seem to be well aware that potential security problems with its Statewide Election Management System loom as large, run as deep – and are as quickly moving – as the storied river with which the state shares its name. And so Secretary of…
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Trump executive order calls for sanctions in the event of future election interference

President Donald Trump yesterday issued an executive order that sets forth a federal plan of action in the event of foreign interference in a U.S. election, including sanctions that can be imposed on overseas organizations and individuals. The declaration is arguably a response to wide-ranging criticism that the president has repeatedly dismissed evidence of Russian…
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