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Product Review

enSilo Endpoint Protection platform

enSilo offers a different approach on the complete Next-Generation Antivirus (NGAV) solution. enSilo utilizes a single, light-weight agent that can handle NGAV, Application Communication Control, Threat Hunting and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR).
Reboot Leadership Awards 2018

Top Management – Roy Katmor

Category: Top Management Name: Roy Katmor Title: Co-founder and CEO Company: enSilo  Why nominated: Known as a do-it-yourself master who enjoys fixing everything from cars to homes, enSilo CEO Roy Katmor is now trying to fix endpoint security. Profile: Katmor co-founded enSilo three years ago with a vision to secure data at the most fundamental level in order to…
Product Review

enSilo Endpoint Security Platform 3.1

The SaaS enSilo Endpoint Security Platform can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises and supports multi-tenancy. It comprehensively secures endpoints in real time before and after infection without prompting alert fatigue, excessive dwell time or breach anxiety. Communication control offers visibility into applications communicating with the system and can be placed into an Excel…
Reboot Leadership Awards 2018

Threat Seeker – Udi Yavo

Category: Threat Seeker Name: Udi Yavo Title: Co-founder and CTO Company: enSilo Why nominated: Udi Yavo is always on the hunt for vulnerabilities and works tirelessly to improve awareness of unknown flaws to better secure the internet, with notable discoveries including AtomBombing and ProcessDoppelganging. Profile: When WannaCry hit on the heels of the ShadowBrokers’ release…
APTs/cyberespionage, Cybercrime, Malware, Security News

APT10 campaign debuts two new loaders for distributing PlugX and Quasar RATs

The reputed Chinese state-sponsored threat group APT10 appears to be the culprit behind a campaign this past April that sought to distribute PlugX and Quasar RAT malware via one of two newly discovered downloader variants. Researchers from enSilo uncovered the campaign after samples were collected from one or more targets based in the Philippines. PlugX and…
Malicious docs submitted to CareerBuilder job listings distribute malware
Security News

Furtim malware can run AND it can hide

Avoiding detection is generally a top priority for any malicious code developer, but the creators of the newly discovered "Furtim" truly appear to have gone the extra mile to ensure that their malware flies under the radar.
Cryptocurrency, Cybercrime, Malware, Ransomware, Security News

‘DarkGate’ miner, password-stealer could open up world of hurt for Windows users

Windows users in Europe have recently been the target of a sophisticated malware campaign that provides attackers with a diverse array of capabilities, including cryptomining, credential stealing, ransomware and remote-access takeovers. Named DarkGate by its developer, the malware is reportedly distributed via Torrent files disguised as popular entertainment offerings — including the Spanish basketball dramedy…
Security Automation
InfoSec Insider

Security Automation is Here. Now What?

enSilo CEO Roy Katmor sits with InfoSec Insider to discuss how security automation is impacting the time and duties of the modern day security professional, and how the skills they need to succeed will change as a result of the technology.

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