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California under counted COVID-19 cases after certificate expired

Expired certificates likely contributed to one of two data glitches that had California undercounting new COVID-19 cases for more than a week – leading, some believe, to the resignation of the state’s public health director. “Certificates act as identities for all kinds of machines; they control the flow of sensitive data. When certificates expire applications,…

How to make security simple for IT users

Companies could make corporate IT environments a lot safer from external threats if those pesky humans would stop clicking on so many sketchy links. Or sharing passwords. Or using bad passwords. Or finding loopholes in the corporate security policy. Users tend to carry their fair share of blame for data loss and cyberattacks. Human error…
Executive Insight, Opinion

The price of bad compromises: Enterprises face critical trust gaps

As leaders, the rise of digitization and the cyber risk it presents feels like old news. We’re so inundated with cyber breach stories that we’re almost numb to them. We’re hyper-focused on the bottom line and the digital scale we need to achieve it. Yet it’s become apparent that our digital scale is creating sweeping…
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Paay open database exposes 2.5M transactions, challenges PCI compliance

The start-up payment processing firm Paay that promotes itself as providing extra security to online transactions called that claim into question when it misconfigured a payment card database, exposing 2.5 million credit card transactions and raising concerns over PCI compliance. New York-based Paay was exposed by security researcher Anurag Sen who found transaction information that…
Email Security, Security News

Phishers using strong tactics and poor bait in Office 365 scam

An uptick in phishing attempts using a fake and badly created Office 365 credentials update form is taking place, according to a new Cofense report. Not only is the form, which is linked to in the email, riddled with typos and capitalization errors, but it is actually a Google Forms fdocs form. Something Microsoft is…
Cybercrime, Finance, Phishing, Security News

Phishing operation picking on Canadian banks since at least 2017

Researchers recently discovered a large-scale phishing email operation that has been targeting primarily customers of Canadian banking chains since at least 2017. The emails generally attempt to trick recipients into revealing their credentials on a phishing page that utilizes a lookalike domain and impersonates a log-in screen. Researchers with Check Point Software Technologies uncovered the…
Privacy & Compliance News and Analysis, Security News

Facebook Tor gateway down while TLS certificate renewed

Facebook’s Tor gateway will be out of commission for a week or two after a TLS certificate expired. “Our onion service, facebookcorewwwi.onion, is temporarily unavailable while we await renewal of our TLS certificate. In the meantime, Facebook is still accessible via using Tor Browser,” the company posted on the Facebook Over Tor page. The social media…
Cybercrime, Phishing, Security News

Researchers: Iranian phishing campaign targets universities with fake library emails

The Mabna Institute, an Iranian firm whose members were indicted last year for cyberattacks against U.S. universities and other organizations, appears to have launched a new global phishing operation targeting the education sector last July and August. This past’s summer campaign follows the same basic m.o. as previous attacks that the same threat group has…
Product Review

DomainTools Iris Investigation Platform 3.0

DomainTools Iris Investigation Platform combines enterprise-grade domain intelligence and risk scoring with passive DNS. Domain Tools has longevity on its side – having been around for approximately 18 years and collecting data around all public domains on the Internet for that entire period. The depth and breadth of data serves as a big differentiator for…
Cloud Security, Data Breach, Security News

Breach exposes data associated with customers of Imperva’s Cloud WAF product

Cybersecurity company Imperva today disclosed a data breach that impacts certain customers of its Cloud Web Application Firewall (WAF) product who had accounts through Sept. 15, 2017. The breach exposed email addresses, hashed and salted passwords, and, for a subset of customers, API keys and customer-provided SSL certificates. In a company blog post, Imperva says…
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