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Cybercriminals double up using Vidar and GandCrab in single attacks

At least one threat actor is using a combination of the info stealer Vidar and GandCrab ransomware to put a double whammy on their victims and increase their odds of coming away with something value during an attack. Jerome Segura, head of investigations at Malwarebytes Labs, has tracked the campaign, which uses the Fallout and…
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Capesand EK attacking IE, Flash vulnerabilities

The new Capesand exploit kit, possibly derived from an older EK, has been found being used to take advantage of Internet Explorer and Adobe Flash vulnerabilities. Trend Micro’s Elliot Cao, Joseph C. Chen and William Gamazo Sanchez came across Capesand while tracking a campaign that was using the Rig EK to DarkRAT and njRAT malware.…

Bug brokers put two Zoom zero-days on the market

Software vulnerability brokers are reportedly in possession of two zero-day Zoom video conferencing app exploits – one affecting Windows clients and the other impacting OS X clients – and they are looking to sell. The Zoom for Windows vulnerability is a remote code execution bug that the hackers are offering for a hefty sum of…
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Scanner + Exploit

Two great tools wrapped up to work together to provide an in-depth view of vulnerabilities throughout a network.
Peter Stephenson
The Threat Hunter Blog

Floki Bot: The Rest of the Story

Last week we took the 100,000 foot level view of the relatively new floki bot. This bot - allegedly modeled after Zeus is selling in the underground marketplaces for around $1,000.
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