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The Month: FBI’s new initiative

The FBI's new initiative, dubbed Operation Bot Roast, has uncovered one million compromised "zombie" PCs in the US. The US government will be contacting the owners of compromised machines, according to the agency. Botnets are the tools of choice for an enormous range of cybercrime, including distributed denial-of-service attacks to order, sending spam and running phishing scams.
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FBI’s Wray says cyberthreats ‘bigger than government’

Nation-state actors may not have brought the same chaos and disruption to bear during the 2018 midterms as Russian operatives did in the 2016  presidential election, but the U.S. is still under a relentless onslaught of cyberattacks and malign information efforts by foreign entities, FBI Director Christopher Wray said Tuesday. “We’ve not seen in the…
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Sensitive FBI data hacked

A former government consultant breached sensitive portions of the FBI's classified computer system to obtain the passwords of 38,000 employees - including that of FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III, according to a report today in the Washington Post.

FBI cans Strzok over anti-Trump texts

While the FBI's disciplinary office had recommended Strzok be demoted and suspended for 90 days, his lawyer said, FBI Deputy Director David Bowdich booted him from the bureau.
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