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Attacks Keep Coming

The recent Techno-Security Conference in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina brought out a bevy of IT security officers, IT administrators, law enforcement types and others to learn about what they can do to better their organization's infosecurity posture.
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Iran and the six important things happening now leading to a resilient critical infrastructure

The actions in Iraq and Iran over these past few days have caused a renewed attention on the protection of America’s critical infrastructure.  We have an adversary that lacks the ability to send missiles to our homeland now making violent proclamations of an intent to harm America and Americans.  And while we have an understanding…
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The psychology of ransomware

While there is some debate over whether the number of ransomware attacks is rising, there is no arguing that the losses suffered by both public and private sector organizations have increased. Hardening your organization’s security posture requires an understanding not only of how ransomware works technically, but also how the attacks psychologically compel victims to…
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You’ve Been Breached! Now What?

Cooperating with Federal Law Enforcement Agencies Before and After a Cyberattack Can Help Companies Minimize Harm and Legal Exposure By Edward J. McAndrew Many companies that suffer a malicious cyber incident such as a breach hesitate to involve federal law enforcement, fearing an overbearing investigative process, loss of control over the incident response, additional pain…
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