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Cybercrime, Legal, Malware, Phishing, Security News

Unsealed indictment alleges Kazakh man is behind Fxmsp hacking group

Federal prosecutors have indicted Andrey Turchin, a 37-year-old citizen of Kazakhstan, on five criminal counts related to his alleged involvement in a financially motivated cybercriminal hacking collective known as Fxmsp that the Department of Justice says cost victims tens of millions of dollars. Turchin — who also individually goes by the alias Fxmsp — and…
Cybercrime, Data Breach, Security News

Anti-virus vendors named in Fxmsp’s alleged source code breach respond

McAfee, Symantec and Trend Micro are reportedly the anti-virus companies whose source code the cybercriminal group Fxmsp claims to have stolen. Comments issued by the vendors minimized the threat, although Trend Micro did confirm that a breach had occurred. Last week cybersecurity firm Advanced Intelligence (AdvIntel) reported in a company blog post that Fxmsp was…
Cybercrime, Data Breach, Security News

Report: Hackers claim compromise of four AV firms, offer source code for sale

A high-profile hacking collective claims it compromised the networks of four premiere U.S. anti-virus vendors, and is offering to sell their stolen source code for $300,000, according to researchers. The cybercriminal group, called Fxmsp, is known for breaching corporate and government networks, then selling their digital assets via a network of proxy resellers, according to…
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