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Researchers demo how machine learning can be used to track Gh0st RAT variants

Trend Micro researchers are proposing machine learning as a new way to combat threat actors using techniques including polymorphism, encryption, and obfuscation and other tactics to disguise their attacks. Researchers tested the theory by observing cluster network flows from Gh0st RAT variants in an effort to better spot network anomalies and intrusions and found that…

EternalBlue, used in WannaCry, now with Nitol backdoor and Gh0st RAT

An exploit used in the recent WannaCry ransomware campaign now comes loaded with the Nitol backdoor and Gh0st RAT malware, according to a report from FireEye posted on June 2. The exploit dubbed EternalBlue (MS017-010) was first detected being used in the WannaCry ransomware as well as a cryptocurrency miner, Adylkuzz. With knowledge of its…
Tick cyberespionage group targets Japanese firms using custom malware

Tick threat group linked to multiple malware families

The Tick hacking group known infecting Japanese and South Korean targets with its malicious backdoor "Daserf" has been linked to other campaigns leveraging an eclectic assortment of malware, including two additional backdoors, two remote access trojans and a downloader.

Oracle WebLogic Server attacks spike after vulnerability PoC published

At least two separate threat groups have already developed automated exploitation scripts to exploit a recently patched vulnerability in Oracle WebLogic Servers and are conducting large-scale attacks after several proof-of-concepts were published. The attacks exploit CVE-2018-2893, a critical vulnerability in a component product’s middleware that allows an attacker to gain control over the entire server…
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Cylance Protect AV vulnerability patched

Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute’s CERT Coordination Center is issued patch for a recently disclosed vulnerability in Cylance Protect. The vulnerability note, VU#489481, said that prior to a July 21, 2019, update Protect contained flaws that allow an adversary to craft malicious files that the AV product would likely mistake for simply being benign files.…
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