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Inside actor sends false email claiming WPML plugin security flaws

The company behind the WPML Word Press plugin was forced to explain to its customers that a former employee had sent an erroneous email that stated the plugin had security issues. Word Press developer OnTheGoSystems defended itself in a statement and on Twitter explaining there is nothing wrong with the plugin and that the email…
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Ethical hackers: A question of choice

Traditionally, ethical hackers disclosed their findings for a nod and, perhaps, a bug bounty. With stakes only getting higher, might they be lured with big payouts from questionable sources? Greg Masters reports. It seemed like an anomaly in August 2016 when news broke that a group of security researchers at MedSec, a Miami-based startup cybersecurity research…
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Trial of Palin hacker gets underway

David Kernell, 22, accused of breaking into the Yahoo! email account of Sarah Palin as she campaigned for vice president in 2008, goes before a judge in Tennessee this week.
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Georgia’s Kemp accuses Dems of failed hack of voter reg system

As an already contentious governor’s race in Georgia draws to a close, the Republican candidate, Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp, has accused the Democratic Party of Georgia of “a failed attempt to hack the state’s voter registration system.” Kemp’s office said it wouldn’t comment on the probe. “I can confirm that the Democratic Party…
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