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Hackers for hire

Forget the outdated hacker image of a spotty anarchic teenager holed up in his bedroom defacing the websites of global organizations; today’s hackers are not only older but more determined than ever to claim your cash and identity.
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How to be an ethical hacker

At first glance, the term “ethical hacking” may seem like an oxymoron. That’s because criminal “hacker” has become a pejorative that’s closely tied to the bad guys — black hat threat actors looking to steal or corrupt data or other assets within digital reach. The truth is, there are plenty of good guys in the…
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Virus writers and hackers change tactics

For some time now, Kaspersky Lab has been tracking a shift in virus writers' tactics. The relative decline in the number of global epidemics during the last year signals a move away from the use of mass attacks on users worldwide. Instead, attacks are becoming more localized.


Legitimate companies should consider hiring former black-hat hackers.
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