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Cyber Adversary Characterization

A book about the inner workings of the hacker's mind would not be complete without mentioning the world's most famous hacker, Kevin Mitnick. This book does not disappoint in that respect. This book deals with getting inside the mind of a hacker. It a kind of "know your enemy"-type book.

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The principle of Xiscan is a good one. It takes the idea of war dialing software, which hackers have used to their advantage for many years to scan telephone networks in an attempt to locate entry points, and turns it against the enemy.
Xiscan works in the same way that the hackers have always used automated telephone dialers – to probe for weaknesses in the network. The difference is that it is designed to be used within the network, to locate rogue modems and bring users to heel.
The basic idea is that if hackers can use automated dialers to gain an advantage over legitimate users, then why can't the legitimate user do the same? It is a very good question – and there is something very satisfying about the idea of wrestling control of hacker-type tools, and using them for legitimate ends. Xiscan takes the wardialer idea and turns it on its head, using it as a way to monitor the network from within.

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RETINA Network Security Scanner

One thing that cannot be overlooked in network security is the ability to test weaknesses like a hacker. The RETINA Network Security Scanner is one such tool - and probably one of the fastest ones on the block.

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Hacking: The Art of Exploitation

This book is truly meaty stuff. It explains in detail what every hacker should know, but more importantly, what every security expert should be aware of so they can take action to avoid being hacked.  

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Cenzic Hailstorm ARC

Cenzic Hailstorm ARC is a web application vulnerability scanner. This product can scan websites and web applications in the enterprise to see how vulnerable they are to possible attack from hackers.
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Timbuktu Pro

Timbuktu Pro, which is available in both Mac and Windows, is clearly aimed at Mac users. The PC version, while functionally similar to the Mac edition, appears to be something of an afterthought, since functionality is limited.

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Kaspersky Labs Total Space Security v6.0

This solution provides real-time protection with files being scanned when accessed, created or modified. Protection for files, web or email content is included. Protection for anti-virus, anti-spy, anti-hacker, application activity analyzer and proactive defense are included.
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F-Secure Client Security and Policy Manager

This product is designed to protect against hacker and network worm attacks, block spyware and adware, thwart so-called zero day attacks via its heuristics technology, and even ban the use of forbidden networking software. It provides an automatic change of security level when the laptop of a roaming user is connected to a network outside…
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i2 Analyst’s Notebook

This is a very different type of analysis tool from those infosec professionals are used to. Link analysis, a crucial aspect of incident response, is usually done manually or by trying to use log correlators. This is a true link analyser with a long pedigree in analysing complex crimes and security incidents. The application does…
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