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2 minutes on…Hackers hit Patch Tuesday

Now that security pros are comfortable with Microsoft's monthly patching cycle, so too are the malware writers. The bad guys have learned that by putting out zero-day exploits close to Patch Tuesday, Microsoft cannot respond until the following month.
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2 minutes on…ethical hacker kits on sale

The "ethical hacker toolkits" recently posted for sale on eBay appear to point to a dangerous trend: selling these types of tools — used primarily for penetration testing of applications and servers — on mainstream auction sites increases everyone's security risks.
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Laser security coming to you?

Dr. Jacob Scheuer of Tel Aviv University's School of Electrical Engineering will unveil a new laser strategy to defend against hackers this month.
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2 minutes on…secure code certifications

As the hacker community's penchant grows for exploiting easy-to-discover web application vulnerabilities, the SANS Institute is leading a charge to educate software programmers before they hit the workforce.
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2 minutes on…Poisoned search results

Hackers are employing a new and sophisticated strategy that attempts to lure victims to their malware-infested websites by capitalizing on users' inherent trust in internet search engine results.
Dan Kaplan, executive editor, SC Magazine

An abusive relationship

No single reported breach in recent memory better highlighted the risk that vulnerable third-parties present than when hackers last year raided Epsilon.
Security News

WMF focuses security pros’ attention

As the new year began, security professionals were left in a hole. With an official patch for a recently discovered Windows meta file (WMF) vulnerability almost two weeks from release, analysts were forced to deal with a vulnerability that many did not technically consider a "vulnerability" at all.
Security News

Firefox: a safer option?

A number of recent critical flaws discovered in Mozilla Firefox has raised doubt on whether the open-source web browser still can be considered a much safer alternative to Internet Explorer.
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