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As tech reaches end of life, hackers are watching

A recent rash of cyberattacks against web commerce sites relying on Adobe's Magento 1 platform underscores the criticality of having a strategy in place for securing technology no longer supported by the vendor.
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Featured, Network Security, Research, Security News, Vulnerabilities

New report suggests the bug bounty business is recession-proof

Organizations during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and global recession may find themselves relying more on external assistance from the greater hacking community as a way to augment their internal efforts to mitigate vulnerability risk.
Government, Phishing, Security News

Twitter hackers lured employees to give up VPN credentials

The attackers that hacked Twitter in July pretended to call from Twitter’s IT department about a VPN issue, then persuaded employees to enter their credentials into a website that looked identical to the real VPN login site. The claims by the hackers were credible – and successful – because Twitter’s employees were all using VPN…
Security News, Vulnerabilities

Facebook starts ‘Hacker Plus’ loyalty program for bug bounties

Facebook today launched Hacker Plus – a loyalty program that aims to offer incentives to security researchers with additional rewards and benefits. In a post by Dan Gurfinkel, a security engineering manager at Facebook, the company said security researchers will be eligible for additional bonuses on bounty awards, access to more soon-to-be-released products and features…
Government, Security News, Vulnerabilities

Hackers chain Windows, VPN bugs to access government systems

Threat actors have gained access to government networks through a combination of Windows and VPN bugs, a commonly used tactic known as vulnerability chaining in which multiple bugs are used in a single intrusion to compromise a network or application. The recent malicious activity took aim at federal and state, local, tribal and territorial government…

APTs expanding reach: Understanding the risk of persistent threats

APTs expanding reach: Understanding the risk of persistent threats January 26 & 27, 2021 Many — perhaps most — security professionals do not build their threat models around cyberespionage, but that approach is changing. Yes, state-sponsored hackers tend to go after bigger fish, but hackers-for-hire are leveraging the same tactics once used by state-sponsored APT groups to target smaller companies — especially as more small organizations increase their operations’ digital reach. Other bad actors treat small and mid-sized companies as points-of-access to get to larger targets they may do business with.
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