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Bitdefender GravityZone

Take a security server in your virtual environment, add tools on each of the virtual servers you want to protect, throw in a control center in the cloud and you have what you need to protect against malware in the virtual world.
Security News

VMware: API that simplifies securing vitalized environments

On the day that Microsoft jumped into the burgeoning virtualization market, VMware -- the pioneer and industry leader in this technology -- announced Wednesday a new product that significantly enhances and simplifies securing virtual machines.
InfoSec Insider

DeMISTIfying Infosec: Containerization

Containerization is an alternative approach to virtualization. In a traditional virtual machine environment, each VM "guest" runs a full copy of the operating system plus its relevant libraries and systems tools on top of a hypervisor.


Industry Innovators 2017 – Security Infrastructure

This is such a ubiquitous category that it is really a bit hard to define. Just about every tool in your security stack could fit in here if we defined the terms broadly enough. We have three innovators here this year and they are very different, both in how they defend the enterprise and how…
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