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InfoSec Insider

The Trouble with Identity

Identity is who we are. It’s what we do and how we do it. In the digital realm, our identities are part of what affords access to the systems, tools, accounts, and functionality that make it possible to perform job responsibilities and effectively contribute to the organizations for which we work.

2015 identity and access management ebook

2015 identity and access management ebook

In many companies, information security in general and segregation of duties in particular, are lower security priority because the process tends to be costly and time-consuming. The key is to give users just the access they need when they need it and no more.
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The 2020 Trust Award winners

Here’s a look at which solutions took home the top Trust honors and why, and what some of the winning companies have experienced in the months since the award presentation in February.

It’s finally time to go passwordless

The death of passwords has been predicted time and again. Not without good reason: passwords are a weak link and a headache from both a security and operational perspective. But despite calls for their elimination, most people still use passwords today. Why has the passwordless dream not come to fruition yet? Why is now different?…
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