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A new way to think about security in autonomous systems: Don’t

The age of autonomy is upon us. While talk of autonomous cars in the not-too-distant future captures the imagination, the reality is that autonomous systems are very much with us in the present day. We see it in the robots that are packing parcels in an online retailer’s warehouse, or welding car parts on an…
Executive Insight, Opinion

Identity access management – An auditor’s view

This article addresses the key concern that organizations of all size must contend with, i.e. lack of effective Identity and Access Management (IAM) processes. The risk of not having a robust IAM system may lead to severe consequences, some of which include loss of data confidentiality, integrity, and even availability. This can inflict irreparable harm to…
Executive Insight, Opinion

5 Steps organizations should take to ensure CCPA compliance

Now that the California Consumer Privacy Act has officially taken effect, follow these 5 steps to ensure compliance, even if your organization is outside the Golden State. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, more than 164 million consumer records containing personally identifiable information (PII) were exposed in data breaches in 2019. Seemingly every week…
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Using Social Auth with Your App? 4 Steps to Protect Your Users and Mitigate Security Concerns

By Keith Casey, Okta API Problem Solver Another day, another breach headline. What’s unique about the latest Facebook breach is that it’s the source of truth for many other companies and applications who use social platforms for authentication. A vulnerability in a social authentication service has far-reaching effects across thousands of apps and millions of users.…
Executive Insight, Opinion

It’s past time to contain identity sprawl. Here’s how to do it.

Identity sprawl – too many usernames and too many passwords – has never been as big a concern as it is today: More devices are being brought into the enterprise, more people are working remotely and using their own devices, and more users continue to access on-premises and cloud data stores. An enterprise issue since…
Executive Insight, Opinions

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Privilege

By Chris Stoneff, vice president of security solutions, Bomgar In today’s world cyberattacks have become ubiquitous. Consider the famous words of former Cisco CEO John Chambers, “there are two types of companies: those that have been hacked, and those who don’t know they have been hacked.” So, if it’s inevitable that intruders will get in,…
Executive Insight, Opinion

Cloud Infrastructure IAM Lessons from the Capital One Breach

Cloud infrastructure is the foundation of more companies than ever. As with any foundation, any crack can lead to significant damage to the infrastructure. One potential crack is a trusted identity with unnecessary and excessive privileges. A “trusted identity” is invariably associated with people — employees, contractors or other insiders. But identity in the cloud…
Executive Insight, Security News

The value of passwordless technology: Learning from the American prohibition era

Say “password” today and the word will conjure up visions of a laptop or an application – not secret societies. Still, passwords have played an important role throughout human history to distinguish between who could and couldn’t enter a specific area, club or level of access to information. During the American Prohibition Era, patrons often…
Executive Insight, Opinions

Six Cybersecurity Predictions for 2019

By Tim Steinkopf, president, Centrify Predictions are, well, predictably unreliable. But one certainty is that cyber breaches will continue to plague organizations in 2019. Here are six emerging trends that can help organizations stay strong in the coming year and build up their cyber defenses. #1: Zero Trust Goes from Buzzword to Reality As catastrophic data…
Executive Insight, Opinion, Security News

Controlling PowerShell with zero trust microsegmentation

PowerShell is a highly customizable command-line tool that’s often enabled by default. With it, administrators can easily and quickly automate routine tasks necessary for managing day-to-day processes and operating systems. PowerShell provides easy access to data stores, such as the certificate and registry stores, and it comes with a fully developed scripting language. It connects…
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