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Mobile/End Point Security, Privacy & Compliance News and Analysis, Security News

IoT bill would require gov’t use devices meeting cybersecurity standards

If passed, the Internet of Things Cybersecurity Improvement Act of 2019, introduced in the Senate and House Monday, would compel the U.S. government to purchase only devices that meet the legislation’s minimum security requirements “While I’m excited about their life-changing potential, I’m also concerned that many IoT devices are being sold without appropriate safeguards and protections in…
Data Breach, Security News

Password manager flaws can expose data on compromised devices, report says

Flaws in top password managers can expose the very data they are supposed to protect, a study by researchers at Independent Security Evaluators (ISE) researchers found. “100 percent of the products that ISE analyzed failed to provide the security to safeguard a user’s passwords as advertised,” ISE CEO Stephen Bono said in a release announcing…
FTC chairwoman warns of IoT security and privacy risks
Government/Defense, Privacy & Compliance News and Analysis, Security News

FEMA shared personal data on more than 2M disaster survivors

A “major privacy breach” at Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) shared information with a contractor – including banking details – on more than two million Americans who were victims of disaster, according to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Office of the Inspector General.  FEMA overshared the personal information on survivors of three hurricanes –…
Data Breach, Privacy & Compliance News and Analysis, Security News

Image-I-Nation supply chain breach exposes data of major credit agencies’ customers

Image-I-Nation Technologies, Inc., which provides hosting services and software to consumer reporting agencies like Equifax, Experian and TransUnion, experienced a supply chain breach that left users’ personal information exposed for as long as two weeks. Last Dec. 20, the company “discovered that there had been unauthorized access to our database containing the personal information of…
Data Breach, Privacy & Compliance News and Analysis, Security News

Revengeful hacker leaks database info after researcher threatens to reveal identities

A hacker going by the name of NightLion apparently breached the backend servers at data leak monitoring service DataViper and exfiltrated data, including more than 8,200 databases, as an act of revenge against a security researcher who plans to reveal the identity of Shiny Hunters, Gnostic Players, #TheDarkOverlord and other subgroups. DataViper, managed by Night…
Coronavirus, Data Breach, Government/Defense, Privacy & Compliance News and Analysis, Security News

Feds arrest teen Twitter hack leader, accomplices

The ringleader of the Twitter breach that used prominent accounts to run a cryptocurrency scam turns out to be a 17-year-old in Tampa arrested earlier today. Two accomplices, Nima Fazeli, 22, of Orlando and Mason Sheppard, 19, in the U.K., known as Rolex and Chaewon, respectively, were also arrested in the scheme that took over…
Privacy & Compliance News and Analysis, Security News

Leaky Chinese database exposes 42.5 million records from data apps

An unsecured Elastic database seemingly owned by an entity in China has exposed 42.5 million records of dating app users, most of them American. “The strange thing about this discovery was that there were multiple dating applications all storing data inside this database,” security researcher Jeremiah Fowler, who discovered the database, wrote in a blog…
APTs/cyberespionage, Government, Security News

Mueller Russian probe docs manipulated, leaked via Twitter

Non-public information gathered by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team in the investigation of Russian company Concord Management and Consulting and shared during discovery, was manipulated and made accessible by a pro-Russian Twitter account in an effort to discredit Mueller’s Russian probe, Justice Department court documents revealed Wednesday. The filing asked the court not to grant…
Cloud Security, Data Breach, Security News

Oklahoma Dept. of Securities server exposes millions of files

An unsecured storage server belonging to the Oklahoma Department of Securities exposed millions of files, containing personal data, systems credentials and internal commission documents as well as communications meant for the Oklahoma Securities Commission. The server, discovered by the UpGuard Data Breach Research team, has since been secured, the researchers said in a blog post.…
Security in 2015: Biometrics
Government, Privacy & Compliance News and Analysis, Security News

Warner presses CBP on security best practices for third-party contractors

After photos of travelers and vehicles crossing U.S. borders were nicked from a Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) subcontractor through a cyberattack, and Suprema BioStar 2 exposed more than 1 million fingerprint records along with facial recognition information and other sensitive data, Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., pressed CBP for details on how it ensures third-party…
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