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Building a Better Identity Management Roadmap

The way organizations operate and process information has drastically changed over the last six months as the global economic and health crisis has resulted in job losses, an expanded remote workforce, and increased use of temporary staff. One important byproduct of this shift: Security leaders are rethinking their approaches to access control. Even in the best of circumstances, ensuring effective oversight of digital identities is among a security leader’s most daunting responsibilities. Innovations in contextual and biometric authentication remain promising — though the latter must confront increased social and legal resistance — but the growing complexity of internal and external networks we rely on keeps the bar high.

Identity Crisis: Solved?

We talk a lot about how passwords are obsolete, easy to breach, and generally just an obsolete technology that should be replaced. Yet many companies are hesitant to engage in emerging identity management technology because of the costs, the complexity of replacing one identity access management approach with another, and the challenge of layering on new IAM without breaking existing identity products — the management can be a monumental challenge.

Making Customer-focused Identity Simple

Connecting outsiders to a corporate network today is more problematic than ever, and it’s more than just employees working from home. Consumer-to-business accounts, such as customers logging in to make a purchase or reviewing their medical charts, or business-to-business portals in order to collaborate and service accounts, are being stressed at a much greater level today. We've all seen the chaos that can occur when companies that manage managing millions of user accounts, such as an entertainment channel, are breached and private data revealed.

Identity and Access Management for our New Remote Workforce

In this upcoming SC Media virtual conference, we look at these challenges as well as explore not only more traditional approaches, but also IAM-as-a-service, more up-and-coming solutions in what Gartner is calling Identity Analytics (founded more on risk-based methods versus a reliance on static rules), and more. We also get advice on the preparation, management…

Zero trust & the ID-based cybersecurity perimeter

The rapid adoption of cloud-first strategies — across multiple cloud computing flavors (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, and more) — combined with the sudden uptick in work-from-home environments hastened employees’ need for access to apps and other IT resources from anywhere. These events require companies to consider a new cybersecurity perimeter. It’s not that network-based protection/detection controls are dead: they are simply inadequate for a Zero Trust security approach.

The data and application security parfait

This 20/20 webcast will look at various defenses companies can employ, including enhanced identity and access management that ensures the person or device requesting data is indeed verified at multiple levels, along with layered cloud security, to protect data wherever it might reside.

The Future of Remote Work: Connecting Security and IT

CIOs, CISOs, and the teams they lead are constantly learning to adjust the operational and cybersecurity requirements of a remote workforce. And the stakes are high. Faced with the combined challenges of an expanding risk surface area, a disparate staff, and a complex set of tools and workflows, enterprise teams need help.
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