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Zero trust & the ID-based cybersecurity perimeter

The rapid adoption of cloud-first strategies — across multiple cloud computing flavors (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, and more) — combined with the sudden uptick in work-from-home environments hastened employees’ need for access to apps and other IT resources from anywhere. These events require companies to consider a new cybersecurity perimeter. It’s not that network-based protection/detection controls are dead: they are simply inadequate for a Zero Trust security approach.
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Twitter hackers lured employees to give up VPN credentials

The attackers that hacked Twitter in July pretended to call from Twitter’s IT department about a VPN issue, then persuaded employees to enter their credentials into a website that looked identical to the real VPN login site. The claims by the hackers were credible – and successful – because Twitter’s employees were all using VPN…

Attacks on authentication turn ransomware from disruption to disaster

Ransomware has become an endemic problem in both the public and private sectors globally. And, let’s be honest: it has been for years. Recently, the cybercrime landscape shifted. High-profile incidents have underscored a pattern of ransomware gangs moving steadily up the food chain: from small, unsophisticated organizations such as local governments to some of the…
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TrapX Security, Inc. DeceptionGrid v7.0

Vendor: TrapX Security, Inc. Price: $3,995 per VLAN Contact: Quick Read   What it does: TrapX Security DeceptionGrid uses a centrally-managed system to create, distribute, and monitor an entire deceptive environment. What we liked: The many, predefined emulation traps deploy quickly and remain invisible to business users and result in both rich insights and scalable…
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CounterCraft Cyber Deception Platform v2.6.0

Vendor: CounterCraft Price: $50,000 Contact: Quick Read   What it does: CounterCraft Cyber Deception Platform minimizes the impact of attacks using buffer zones and focuses on threat intelligence and achieves high adversarial interaction by leveraging real decoy servers, not emulations. What we liked: The look, feel, and response of the decoy systems are identical to…

The Future of Remote Work: Connecting Security and IT

CIOs, CISOs, and the teams they lead are constantly learning to adjust the operational and cybersecurity requirements of a remote workforce. And the stakes are high. Faced with the combined challenges of an expanding risk surface area, a disparate staff, and a complex set of tools and workflows, enterprise teams need help.

It’s finally time to go passwordless

The death of passwords has been predicted time and again. Not without good reason: passwords are a weak link and a headache from both a security and operational perspective. But despite calls for their elimination, most people still use passwords today. Why has the passwordless dream not come to fruition yet? Why is now different?…

The Twitter hack exposed the need for more effective PAM security

The 2020 Verizon Data Breach Investigations report found that 80 percent of breaches are caused by compromised or weak credentials. This makes privileged access management (PAM) strategies a must have. Not effectively managing and monitoring privileged accounts means the difference between keeping an organization secure and a catastrophic breach – like the one at Twitter,…
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