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Identity Analytics: The New Face of IAM

For years, traditional rules-based identity and access management (IAM) systems have been the primary means used by organizations to control identities, access and compliance. The emergence of distributed applications (on-premises, cloud and mobile), mobile workforces and fast-moving business priorities have generated a massive increase in the number identities and access requests that need to be…
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A new way to think about security in autonomous systems: Don’t

The age of autonomy is upon us. While talk of autonomous cars in the not-too-distant future captures the imagination, the reality is that autonomous systems are very much with us in the present day. We see it in the robots that are packing parcels in an online retailer’s warehouse, or welding car parts on an…
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Tips to Prevent Office 365 Data Loss as a Result of Ransomware

Over the past year, the rise in number and sophistication of ransomware attacks has skyrocketed. According to a Global Ransomware Study from SentinelOne, more than half (56%) of businesses surveyed suffered ransomware attacks in the last 12 months. Companies experienced, on average, five ransomware attacks during the same period of time. Ransomware attacks are not…
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5 Steps organizations should take to ensure CCPA compliance

Now that the California Consumer Privacy Act has officially taken effect, follow these 5 steps to ensure compliance, even if your organization is outside the Golden State. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, more than 164 million consumer records containing personally identifiable information (PII) were exposed in data breaches in 2019. Seemingly every week…
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Security in a DevOps World

By Ben Golub, executive chairman and interim CEO, Storj Labs The IT industry has no shortage of buzzwords and fads, and it may seem as if DevOps, Microservices and Containers are nothing but the latest examples. But underneath the hype and hyperbole, IT is undergoing substantial and profound changes. DevOps and associated trends both create…
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Using Social Auth with Your App? 4 Steps to Protect Your Users and Mitigate Security Concerns

By Keith Casey, Okta API Problem Solver Another day, another breach headline. What’s unique about the latest Facebook breach is that it’s the source of truth for many other companies and applications who use social platforms for authentication. A vulnerability in a social authentication service has far-reaching effects across thousands of apps and millions of users.…
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Identity access management – An auditor’s view

This article addresses the key concern that organizations of all size must contend with, i.e. lack of effective Identity and Access Management (IAM) processes. The risk of not having a robust IAM system may lead to severe consequences, some of which include loss of data confidentiality, integrity, and even availability. This can inflict irreparable harm to…
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Balancing Digital Transformation with Security

With 2017 in full swing, it is hard to ignore the impact that digital transformation has on today’s businesses. Across the globe, companies of all sizes are transforming their processes, workflows, and cultures in favor of digital interaction.  Some examples:  Small – Midsize Businesses Selling products and services online Creating mobile-friendly loyalty program and coupon…
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Still growing after 30 years

This year has proven to be one of continued personal and professional growth for many industry friends, colleagues and me. Yet, even with the positives faced this year, there have been some of those opposing negatives. No wonder, then, there are those among us who might be just about done with 2019.    After all, cyberattackers kicked of…
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5 Tips for Safer Zoom Calls at Your Company

Zoom has emerged as a poster child for video conferencing in our new work-from-home economy. As much of a cultural icon Zoom has become during the Covid-19 period, the company has faced some serious security issues. Cybersecurity firm Cyble released a report in mid-April detailing that a credential stuffing campaign compromised some 500,000 Zoom accounts…
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