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ID theft: beyond fear to opportunity

In the last few months, it has become nearly impossible to read a magazine or watch television without coming across a story about identity theft. Identity theft is causing a significant amount of angst among consumers and businesses alike.
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What’s old is new again

Today, criminals are using amped-up techniques to tap into a perpetual cycle of fraud and identity theft, reports Deb Radcliff.
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A view from the top

Compliance issues and identity theft incidents may have dominated 2005, but other problems will unfold over coming months.
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Adding muscle to authentication

Identity theft is an issue causing growing concern among security professionals and consumers alike. While the media and lawmakers on Capitol Hill highlight the problem on a consistent basis, real world solutions that organizations and individuals can employ to protect themselves from identity theft are rarely discussed.
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Debate: Two-factor authentication access control will not prevent fraud and identity theft

FOR – Bruce Schneier, CTO, Counterpane Internet Security Recently, I published an essay arguing that two-factor authentication is an ineffective defense against identity theft. For example, issuing tokens to online banking customers will not reduce fraud, because new attack techniques simply ignore the countermeasure. Unfortunately, some took my essay as a condemnation of two-factor authentication…
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Reducing risk of online ID theft

The total cost of U.S. identity fraud in 2004 was $52.6 billion, with 11.6 percent of stolen identity information obtained online, according to Javelin Strategy & Research and the Better Business Bureau. The proliferation of online applications providing access to confidential identity data has magnified vulnerabilities that are not adequately addressed by traditional network security techniques. The following policies, procedures and systems are recommended to implement a security program for online applications.
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