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It’s finally time to go passwordless

The death of passwords has been predicted time and again. Not without good reason: passwords are a weak link and a headache from both a security and operational perspective. But despite calls for their elimination, most people still use passwords today. Why has the passwordless dream not come to fruition yet? Why is now different?…
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Accidental Airbnb account takeover linked to recycled phone numbers

As it turns out, websites and apps have experienced this commonplace problem for years, and companies could find themselves in violation of data security standards if users' information were to be exposed.
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How managed detection and response became a game changer

Gartner recently released its 2020 Market Guide for Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Services. Reading the fifth edition of this report reminds me of how far the industry has come and just how far it needs to go. I remember 2016 and working with Gartner analysts to champion a new category that better described what…
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New index shows proactive cybersecurity measures outpaced reactive in Q2

Under pressure, large companies’ cybersecurity forces leaned in, and got the results they intended. Amid the extreme challenges cybersecurity teams experienced in the second quarter of 2020, a newly released business-activity index shows that companies with 500 or more employees in North America and Europe emphasized proactive security measures to protect assets and detect breaches…
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DNA companies vulnerable to phishing, privacy violations after attacks

A malicious server compromise recently confirmed by DNA investigation services provider GEDmatch serves as a reminder of the incident response challenges and privacy ramifications that companies face when they trade in sensitive data – in this case, DNA, the most personal of data – especially when such incidents create unique opportunities for targeted phishing campaigns. Owned by…
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5 Ways to Stay Safe on Tax Day

Each year, cybercriminals gather on the dark web in preparation for one of the great cybercrime events in the world: Tax Day in the United States. As millions of Americans prepare to file their taxes on Wednesday, hackers are taking to the infamous dark web marketplaces in a flurry of activity aimed at the buying…
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Amtrak breach impacts unknown number of Guest Rewards accounts

Amtrak has alerted an unknown number of Guest Rewards customers it suffered a data breach at the hands of an unknown third party that gained unauthorized access to certain accounts. A notification letter signed by Vicky Radke, Amtrak’s senior director of Guest Rewards, and posted by the offices of the California and Vermont attorneys-general, informs impacted individuals that compromised…
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5 Steps organizations should take to ensure CCPA compliance

Now that the California Consumer Privacy Act has officially taken effect, follow these 5 steps to ensure compliance, even if your organization is outside the Golden State. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, more than 164 million consumer records containing personally identifiable information (PII) were exposed in data breaches in 2019. Seemingly every week…
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Shiny Hunters’ latest hit: Minted among 73.1M records offered

More details have emerged about hacker group “Shiny Hunters’” prey this past month of more than 11 website victims, including Minted, a marketplace of independent illustrators and designers offering consumers items such as custom greeting cards. BleepingCompany reported that the Shiny Hunters is flooding the dark web with a combined total of 73.1 million user…
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