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Your search for identity theft/ returned 101 results

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What’s old is new again

Today, criminals are using amped-up techniques to tap into a perpetual cycle of fraud and identity theft, reports Deb Radcliff.
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Adding muscle to authentication

Identity theft is an issue causing growing concern among security professionals and consumers alike. While the media and lawmakers on Capitol Hill highlight the problem on a consistent basis, real world solutions that organizations and individuals can employ to protect themselves from identity theft are rarely discussed.
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Thwarting ID thieves

David Lazarus is not your typical victim of identity theft. Most notably, he fought back and won — a rarity even in today's era of heightened government oversight of corporate shenanigans.

What does a new Democratic Congress mean for information security?

The new Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi represents a district not far from Silicon Valley. Freshly minted Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee Barney Frank says past legislation doesn't go far enough to protect consumer data. And Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is himself a victim of identity theft.
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Fun in the sun

Nearly 50 security practitioners met in May in Hilton Head Island, S.C. for another successful SC Forum event — the first of two forums this year.
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The Criminal Element Gets Its Due

Attribution is difficult and sometimes it seems that cybercriminals are beyond the long arm of the law. But hackers – some even foreign nationals – were increasingly brought to justice on both sides of the Atlantic in 2018 for various cybercrimes. They were indicted, arrested, convicted and, in many cases, sentenced and jailed for a…
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