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ID theft: beyond fear to opportunity

In the last few months, it has become nearly impossible to read a magazine or watch television without coming across a story about identity theft. Identity theft is causing a significant amount of angst among consumers and businesses alike.
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Backup tapes can’t be neglected

In 2005, storage security losses frequently garnered a storm of media attention, with one organization losing computer backup tapes with personal information on current and former employees. In another instance, a financial services organization lost several backup tapes, with records detailing the financial information of government employees because an overnight shipping company lost their tapes.
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Missing laptop, missing policy

A dedicated federal civil servant took work home. Unfortunately, the federal agency he worked for had not taken easy steps to make that practice safe and secure. Thus, when a neighborhood gang of thieves broke into his house and stole the laptop, identity information about millions of veterans and members of the armed forces was potentially compromised. It was a typical Washington story, typical because no one suggested doing anything to solve the real problem revealed by the incident. It reminded me of the two giant paintings in the piazza in Sienna, Italy. One image is of dysfunctional Bad Government, the other of progressive Good Government.
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Meet your attackers on their own own turf

There's plenty of talk today about perimeter security strategies. Protecting the perimeter with multilayered security. Identifying the perimeter. The latest buzz on firewalls. Zero-day attacks. Worm storms. Security toolkits with the latest intrusion detection tools. Secure software applications.
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A virtual Tower of Babel rises

The Tower of Babel is back. Only this time it's not just the confluence of languages causing discord. Added to the complexity are malicious intentions coming together to sabotage the virtual reach for the heavens. Experts predict that by 2010 over one billion people will be online. Worldwide, virtual communities are coming together and sharing information. Unfortunately, as with any large group of people, some folks have motives that conflict with the interests of others, and in an unstable virtual world, it is too easy for them to operate. As the number of security vulnerabilities increases, the dangers to corporate perimeters continues to grow.

Good enough for your business?

If you're part of a financial institution, chances are you've memorized the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) guidance chapter and verse, and, with risk assessment in hand, are in the midst of rolling out some form of consumer authentication. If yours is like most financial institutions, you approached FFIEC audits with a "good enough" mentality, meaning that whatever you install to protect people against online fraud and ID theft is better than what you had — and the less invasive to the consumer the better.
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