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Cybercrime, Data Breach, Security News

Amtrak breach impacts unknown number of Guest Rewards accounts

Amtrak has alerted an unknown number of Guest Rewards customers it suffered a data breach at the hands of an unknown third party that gained unauthorized access to certain accounts. A notification letter signed by Vicky Radke, Amtrak’s senior director of Guest Rewards, and posted by the offices of the California and Vermont attorneys-general, informs impacted individuals that compromised…
Cybercrime, Data Breach, Email Security, Health Care, Security News

Compromised email account leads to Saint Francis Ministries data breach

An unauthorized party gained entry into an an employee’s email account at Saint Francis Ministries, accessing sensitive personal identifying information, as well as financial and protected health data. In an online notification and corresponding press release, the Salina, Kan.-based non-profit organization said the actor accessed the account between Dec. 13 and 20 of 2019. Saint…
Cybercrime, Email Security, Government, Phishing, Research

FBI tallied 467K cybercrime complaints in 2019, totaling $3.5B in losses

The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) last year fielded 467,361 complaints related to cybercrime activity that collectively cost victims $3.5 billion in losses, according the agency’s just released 2019 Internet Crime Report. The 2019 complaint count represents a nearly 33 percent increase from the 2018 total of 351,937, and the $3.5 billion figure also…
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Covid-related malspam campaign impersonates U.S. Treasury to steal taxpayer credentials

The advocacy group has found a Covid-19-related malspam campaign that impersonates the U.S. Treasury Department and more than likely looks to steal a taxpayer’s credentials using a remote access trojan. In a recent Twitter post, the group shows a fraudulent letter from the Treasury Department that seeks to get the taxpayer to contact Treasury…
Cybercrime, Legal, Security News

Russian who allegedly ran illegal Cardplanet site extradited to U.S.

The alleged operator of a website that sold payment card numbers stolen from hacked entities was hauled into a Virginia federal courtroom yesterday after Israel extradited the defendant, despite reported efforts by Russia to prevent the prisoner from reaching American soil. Russian national Aleksei Burkov, 29, is accused of running Cardplanet, which offered visitors the…
Puush urges users to change passwords after cyber attack
Privacy & Compliance News and Analysis, Security News

123456 still a popular password

Among the banes of existence for any human living in the 21st century is the need to periodically choose, change and remember numerous passwords, which partly explains why nearly 3 percent of computer users chose 123456 in 2019. This according to , reports Teams ID. So, if you fall into this category it may just…
Data Breach, Security News

Adobe leaves Creative Cloud database open, 7.5 million users exposed

An unsecured Elasticsearch database left exposed the account information of about 7.5 million Adobe Creative Cloud users. Comparitech, in association with security researcher Bob Diachenko, found the Adobe database, which could be accessed without a password or any login credentials. The company was notified on October 19 and the database was locked down that day.…
Cybercrime, Security News

Dark Overlord member extradited to the U.S., pleads not guilty plea

An alleged British hacker pleaded not guilty in a U.S. federal court in St. Louis, Mo., to a charge that he conspired to steal sensitive PII with the intention to release those records on criminal marketplaces unless victims paid ransoms. Nathan Wyatt, 39, purportedly a member of the “Dark Overload” hacking group, was extradited from…
Ransomware, Security News

LifeLabs pays ransom to regain stolen data, 15 million affected

The Canadian health diagnostics firm LifeLabs reported it payed cybercriminals an undisclosed amount of money to retrieve customer data stolen in a recent cyberattack. LifeLabs president and CEO Charles Brown said the decision to pay the malicious actors was taken in in collaboration with cybersecurity experts familiar who handle cyberattacks and negotiations with cybercriminals. The…
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