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IoT, Security News, Vulnerabilities

Dire straights: Glamoriser smart hair straighteners susceptible to hacking, warn researchers

Here’s some news that might curl your hair: A pen testing firm has disclosed a vulnerability in the Glamoriser smart hair straightener that could allow attackers to easy gain control of the device and perhaps create a fire hazard. The problem involves the Bluetooth Low Energy connection that the straightener uses to communicate with mobile…
Cybercrime, IoT, Malware, Security News

Mirai malware family variants rack up exploit totals

A newly discovered variant of Echobot, an offshoot of the Mirai family of Internet of Things botnet malware, was found to contain a whopping 26 different exploits for infecting victim machines. This revelation is the latest in a string of research reports detailing Mirai-related malwares with increasingly large exploit totals. In a company blog post…
Cybercrime, Security News

U.K. court sentences hacker for Mirai-based DDoS attack against Liberian telecom firm

The British man who orchestrated a series of DDoS attacks that disrupted Internet access across the African nation of Liberia in November 2016 has been sentenced to two years and eight months in prison. Daniel Kaye, 30, from Egham, Surrey, pleaded guilty last December of using botnets and stressors to bombard Liberian telecom provider Lonestar…

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Last Word By Brian VecciNow that we’re six months past the GDPR deadline, and almost a year away from the California Consumer Privacy Act, I’m still surprised to meet companies taking a wait-and-see approach to compliance. 
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IoT, Security News

Connected light bulbs give off more than just light

Turning on a “smart” light bulb may be the latest way people inadvertently flood the internet with their personal information. A new Symantec report has revealed that some of these connected, Wi-Fi-enabled IoT devices are unsecure and can enable a hacker to quickly come away with passwords, email addresses and other important information. While looking at some…
Attackers still want your data, but will take your IoT device as well
Security News, Vulnerabilities

Remote code execution flaw found in Google Home smart speaker

A remote code vulnerability called Magellan affecting devices using SQLite or Google’s Chromium-based browsers along with the Google Home smart speaker. The flaw was uncovered by Tencent Security’s Blade Team and was reported and patched by Google. If left unpatched could lead to remote code execution, leaking program memory or it can cause program crashes.…
Security News, Vulnerabilities

Ethical hacking growing in popularity as data breaches increase, report

As the idea of ethical hacking begins to resonate more with the general public, it has inspired more people ranging from aspiring hackers to seasoned security professionals to join the hacking community and seek out crowdsourced security testing programs to hunt bug bounties. And judging by how 71 percent of cybercriminals can breach a perimeter…
Government/Defense, Privacy & Compliance News and Analysis, Security News

Ivanka Trump used private email for gov’t business

Although Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server was the centerpiece of President Trump’s 2016 campaign and inspired the rallying cry “Lock her up,” his daughter Ivanka reportedly has said she didn’t understand the rules around email use after it was discovered that she used her personal email to conduct official government business.  Ivanka…

Hide ‘N Seek IoT botnet caught using Peer-to-Peer communication

An emerging botnet comprised of compromised IoT devices dubbed “Hide ‘N Seek” or HNS is using custom built Peer-to-Peer communication to exploit victims and build its infrastructure. The botnet may also represent an overall change in how threat actors are looking to use botnets. Bitdefender researchers first spotted the botnet on Jan. 10 before it…
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