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California’s new IoT security law is not nearly enough – We need a GDPR for IoT…NOW!

By Sudhakar Ramakrishna, CEO, Pulse Secure After years of undisclosed breaches, stolen identities and negligent data handling, Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is forcing companies to get serious about data privacy. Lawsuits against Google and Facebook were filed the day GDPR went into effect, and it appears the law’s teeth will soon be tested…
Limor Kessem
Executive Insight

IoT App Status: Insecure

In my last post about IoT security, we discussed how lax consumer attitudes about securing devices and wearables could be a contributing factor to their insecurity. In this post, we will examine another angle: securing IoT devices on the application level. This time we’ll go straight to the source and look at what enterprise users…
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Using security orchestration to simplify IoT defense in depth

Even as the technology industry continues to scramble to protect personal computers, datacenters and other traditional IT systems from increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks, a new attack target has emerged – the Internet of Things (IoT). To protect their IoT applications from attack, organizations are working to adopt for the IoT the same cybersecurity strategy which has…
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The IoT Security Skills Gap

It is a well-known fact that IT security (or as it is more commonly known today, “cybersecurity”) suffers from an acute shortage of working hands. Most organizations do not have the manpower to monitor their networks consistently and determine how they are being infiltrated, and some experts estimate there are more than 1 million unfilled…
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