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Looming retirement of legacy system custodians put global IT systems at risk

Government IT systems and critical infrastructure systems around the world are at risk due to legacy technology and the pending retirement of those who have historically maintained these older systems. Of the U.S. General Services Administration’s mission-critical IT staff, 20-50 percent will be eligible to retire by 2024 and 66 percent of U.K. companies have…

Legacy IT: The hidden problem of digital transformation

Legacy IT has become the dirty little secret of digital transformation. These systems, which include servers, OSes, and applications, are relied on by almost every organization for business-critical activities – and many CISOs struggle to protect them from attackers.
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Google rolls out new automated threat detection tool

Google and its subsidiary Chronicle are rolling out new automated threat detection capabilities for its Google Cloud platform to help companies scale up security monitoring for their legacy systems. The product – called Chronicle Detect – has been in the works for some time and Google unveiled some details around certain components earlier this year…
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