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Network Security

Clarksons’ breach again shows need to eliminate passwords

The global shipping firm Clarksons reported that it has suffered a cybersecurity breach which it, and outside security firms, believe was caused when a lone user account was hacked, again bringing to the forefront the need to move past the legacy username and password for logging in to a critical system. With basic login credentials…
Network Security

Deloitte: Upstream oil and gas operations remain prone to cyberattacks, especially drilling

The oil and gas industry’s overall cybersecurity posture is lacking, especially as upstream operations within the sector grow increasingly vulnerable to high-severity cyberattacks, a new online report by Deloitte warns. “Whether hackers use spyware targeting bidding data of fields, malware infecting production control systems, or denial of service that blocks the flow of information through control…
Network Security

Raspberry PI attack compromises networks, steals admin credentials

Kaspersky Lab researchers developed a proof of concept attack that encourages IT pros to think twice about how insider threats can compromise networks. While other attacks can be carried out which exploit physical access to devices, researchers noted this attack is special because it can be carried out by anyone who has physical access to…
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StillSecure Safe Access

With StillSecure Safe Access, every device starts in the quarantine network segment and has to test out of quarantine to reach devices on the protected network.
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Socioeconomic status and cyber: the new ‘digital divide’

In part one of a two-part series, SC Media examines how businesses and institutions in poorer or underserved regions may be less equipped to fight off cyberattacks than their well-funded counterparts in affluent cities.
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