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Report details China-based cyber spying on U.S. aerospace sector
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Gallmaker threat group evades detection by living off the land

A new threat group dubbed Gallmaker has been targeting overseas embassies of an Eastern European country, and military and defense targets in the Middle East eschewing malware and instead, opting to use living off the land (LotL) tactics to infiltrate systems. Symantec researchers said the Gallmaker group has been operating since at least December 2018…
Cybercrime, Security News

West African banks targeted in multi-wave attack

In a somewhat unusual step cybercriminals are targeting banks in several western African nations using off the shelf malware to gain entry, gain persistence and exfiltrate data along with “living off the land” tactics. Symantec said the attacks have been taking place since mid-2017 hitting financial institutions in Cameroon, Congo (DR), Ghana, Equatorial Guinea and…
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New Separ credential-stealing campaign abuses legit tools and executables

A new phishing campaign distributing the credential-stealing malware Separ has over the last few weeks reportedly affected hundreds of business organizations, primarily those located in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. The malware has been uploading stolen data from infected entities on a daily basis, with additional targets based in North America, according to a Feb.…
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What fresh hell is this? Fileless malware campaign spread Astaroth backdoor last spring

Microsoft’s Defender ATP Research Team yesterday revealed its discovery of a late-spring, fileless malware campaign that used “living-off-the-land” techniques to infected victims with information-stealing Astaroth backdoor. The attackers behind this particular campaign abused a multiple of legitimate services in order to deliver the final payload, including the Windows Management Instrumentation Command-line tool (WMIC), the BITSAdmin command-line…
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Brazilian-made bank trojan use spreading

When it comes to banking trojans Brazil is not only a leading manufacturer, but most often its residents bear the brunt of these attacks, however, Cybereason has found the same malware normally used to attack this South American country has spread worldwide. The malware was found by Cybereason is being used against banks in more…
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