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Maggie Louie: scoring hits with cybersecurity startup

The impetus for Maggie Louie launching DEVCON, following a lengthy career as a musician, came from her uncovering a scheme involving hackers exploiting third-party JavaScript to steal ad revenue and distribute malware though partner code.
Ransomware, Security News

Ransomware groups are going corporate

As ransomware attacks have quickly morphed over the past few years into a billion-dollar business, the groups behind them are increasingly adopting the practices and tactics of the corporate businesses they target.
Featured, Security News, Vulnerabilities

As tech reaches end of life, hackers are watching

A recent rash of cyberattacks against web commerce sites relying on Adobe's Magento 1 platform underscores the criticality of having a strategy in place for securing technology no longer supported by the vendor.
Ransomware, Security News, Web Services Security, E-Commerce Security

Massive Magecart attacks steal personal data from Magento 1 stores

An automated campaign Magecart campaign against 2,000 Magento stores over the weekend compromised the private information of thousands of customers and may very well be the largest attack of its kind since 2015. The hacks were typical Magecart attacks, but since many of the stores victimized had no prior history of security incidents, “this suggests…

12 checklist items for defeating Magecart attacks

Magecart groups have made many successful attacks on high-profile companies over the past two years. In a Magecart attack, attackers covertly inject credit card skimming code into the checkout pages of e-commerce websites to exfiltrate data on thousands of customers. While some might only remember Magecart from the 2018 British Airways breach, one of these…
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