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Cybercrime, Security News

New Magecart group using new tactics hits French ad firm

Researchers at Trend Micro and RiskIQ have pulled the curtain away from a new Magecart sub-group that managed to insert card skimmer code into more than 200 companies by using a third-party vendor as an unwitting accomplice. The new malicious team, tagged Magecart Group 12, managed to inject their malware into the JavaScript library of…
Data Breach, Security News

Kitchenware companies breached in dual attacks

A pair of recent cyberattacks against kitchen product companies may bring forth visions of microwave ovens being set to expel X-rays or Wi-Fi enabled refrigerators being hacked and set to 100 degrees, but instead, in each case, the result was a data breach. OXO International, a maker of kitchen utensils, and, which sells a variety of…
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Security News

Cybersecurity trends in 2018

End of the year wrap-ups always want to name a year something, like the “Year of Ransomware” or the “Year of Artificial Intelligence,” but it would be difficult to pin 2018 to a specific threat or trend, as so many reared their ugly heads. With that noted, it is pretty simple to define the year…
Security News

2018 Top Cyberthreats

It was clear it was going to be an intense year the cybersecurity industry when, just days after ringing in 2018, researchers announced a vulnerability found in essentially all CPU processors made over the previous two decades. From there, things only got busier, with news of Russian exploits, new ransomware families and much, much more.…
Cybercrime, Security News

Magecart-style credit card sniffer spotted for sale, online retailers beware

Online retailers should be on high alert for attacks carried out by a Magecart-style credit card sniffing tool similar to the one used to carry out the British Airways and Ticketmaster hacks. Armor researchers are warning retailers after spotting the tool for sale in a Russian forum on the dark web for $1,300, according to…
Data Breach, Malware, Security News, Vulnerabilities

Sotheby’s Home hit by Magecart

Magecart is behind a breach of Sotheby’s Home in which an unauthorized third party skimmed customer data from the website. “We believe that the so-called ‘Magecart’ threat group, which has targeted a large number of e-commerce sites, and which is known to have previously targeted other companies whose websites use the same software Sotheby’s Home…
Security News, Vulnerabilities

Top online retailers rated for cybersecurity practices

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday looming only eight days away, and Magecart’s malware being spotted in more than a few retailer point-of-sale systems, consumers should be aware of which online retailers are the best at protecting their customer’s data. To come up with a definitive list LastPass tested the websites of the top 10…
Data Breach, Security News

InfoWars online store hit by Magecart

Dutch researcher Willem De Groot uncovered payment card malware operating embedded in the InfoWars online store. InfoWars, which is operated by the radio show host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, told ZDNet that about 1,600 of his customers were affected and those people are being informed their payment card data may have been compromised. De…
Cybercrime, Data Breach, Malware, Retail, Security News

The many faces of Magecart: Report profiles groups behind card-skimming threat

Magecart, the e-commerce payment card-skimming threat that has recently victimized Ticketmaster, British Airways, Newegg and other notable companies, is primarily comprised of six major active cybercriminal groups, according to a new joint research report. All of these groups use a version the same skimmer toolset, but they rely on different strategies and in some cases have…
Data Breach, Security News

Magecart infiltrates U.K. online retailer Kitronik payment system

U.K. electronics retailer Kitronik has told customers the Magecart gang managed to infiltrate the company’s payment system gaining access to some of their information. The Register purportedly saw one of the emails Kitronik’s customer emails saying the malware was on the company website from August until mid-September and names, email addresses, card numbers, expiry dates,…
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