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Report: Some 1.3 million malicious ads served daily

An estimated 1.3 million malicious advertisements, or malvertisements, are served to websites each day, according to data gathered by web security firm Dasient. Malvertisements are disguised as legitimate ads and delivered via ad networks to well-known websites. Users can be hit simply by visiting the target website, as 59 percent of malvertisements aim to spread via drive-by download. About 41 percent of malvertisements propagate rogue anti-virus programs, according to Dasient. Additionally, users are twice as likely of getting infected by a malvertisement during the weekend, and the average lifespan of one is 7.3 days. — AM
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Malvertising has a big impact

In this video, Manoj Leelanivas, president and CEO of Cyphort, discusses how malvertising works, the impact of the threat, and how the issue can be addressed.
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Malvertising campaign spoofs Malwarebytes website to deliver Raccoon info-stealer

Malicious actors created a fake webpage that impersonates cybersecurity company Malwarebytes and were using it as a gateway in a malvertising campaign designed to infect victims with the Raccoon information stealer. The malvertisements, which likely appeared on adult websites, automatically redirected site visitors to the fake page without any customer interaction, according to the Malwarebytes…
Angler Exploit Kit pushed in xHamster malvertising campaign
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Malvertising campaign seen on the Mail Online

The Daily Mail's website - which receives 156 million monthly visits and is the most read English language newspaper in the world - has been the target of a recent cyber-attack according to cyber-security company, Malwarebytes
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Malvertising: the invisible enemy

For years, cybercriminals have leveraged malvertising, or malicious advertising, to deliver malware.  Without a doubt, malvertising is the ultimate weapon for criminals to gain access to a wide audience visiting popular websites, and at the same time be able to precisely target potential victims. And they can do all of this without being seen. Malvertising…
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Group forms task force to combat malicious ads

The nonprofit Online Trust Alliance (OTA) on Wednesday announced the formation of the Anti-Malvertising Task Force, a cross-industry effort devoted to fighting the threat of malicious advertisements, which are disguised as legitimate ads and distributed to well-known websites via ad networks. The task force consists of representatives from business, the advertising industry and government. In May, web security firm Dasient estimated that 1.3 million malvertisements are served to websites each day. And the OTA determined that the number of compromised display ads increased 250 percent during the last quarter. The task force is scheduled to meet Sept. 22. For more information on how to join or attend the meeting, email [email protected] — DK
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