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Ransomware — Malware's Next Generation

This 20/20 webcast looks at the business model behind ransomware, offers recommendations on actions you can take today to give yourself a stronger defensive posture against ransomware
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Mobile Malware

2011 saw mobile malware really rear its ugly head as consumerized devices, such as iPhones, iPads and Android-based devices, hit organizations hard. Where is the real threat and what are some best practices?
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Malware superpowers

Top ten countries hosting websites containing malware Percentage1 US 34.22 China 31.03 Russian Federation 9.54 The Netherlands 4.75 Ukraine 3.26 France 1.87 Taiwan 1.78 Germany 1.59 Hong Kong 1.010 South Korea 0.9Source: Sophos Security Threat Report2007.
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