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APTs/cyberespionage, cyberattack, Security News

Avast’s network penetrated, CCleaner targeted again

The Czech-based security firm Avast reported its internal network had been accessed through a temporary and loosely protected VPN profile with compromised credentials . The incident began on September 23 when the company noted suspicious behavior taking place on its network and started an investigation that included Czech national intelligence and cybersecurity assets. It was…
Cybercrime, Malware, Security News

Fileless malware campaign abuses legit tools Node.js and WinDivert

An attack campaign targeting primarily the U.S. and Europe is leveraging two legitimate tools, the Node.js framework and WinDivert, to install “fileless” malware that appears to either turn victims’ systems into proxies or perpetrates click fraud. Researchers from both Microsoft Corporation and Cisco Talos yesterday filed separate reports warning of this campaign, which they have…
Cybercrime, Finance, Legal, Malware, Security News

Fin7 operator pleads guilty to two counts

Ukrainian Fedir Hladyr, a FIN7 operator, pleaded guilty in a U.S. district court Wednesday to conspiracy to commit computer hacking and wire fraud. The 34-year-old Hladyr, who has been in custody since his January 2018 arrest in Dresden, Germany for serving as an administrator of the hacking group under the cover of front company called…
Executive Insight, Opinion, Security News

Bad bid: Malicious actors target government contractors

IT personnel working the trenches in the fight against malicious emails know that financial transactions — and the various documents that support and accompany those transactions — provide malicious actors seemingly endless fodder for clever phishing attacks designed to separate legitimate organizations from their money and reputations, as well as their customers, clients, and partners.…
Executive Insight, Opinion, Security News

Five strategies to stop Magecart

For decades, companies focused their security budgets heavily on protecting their servers against intruders. Everything inside the firewall became sacred ground, especially after GDRP brought forward record-breaking fines for data breaches. But the past months brought forward a new threat that is catching small and large corporations alike unprepared: Magecart. As attackers evolve their M.O.…
Cybercrime, Events, Malware, Ransomware, Security News

Destructive malware attacks double as attackers pair ransomware with disk wipers

IBM Security’s X-Force Incident Response and Intelligence Services (IRIS) team reported this week that it witnessed a 200 percent increase in destructive malware attacks over the first half of 2019, compared to the second half of 2018. These malware attacks typically incorporated a disk wiper component to them. Wipers are historically associated with nation-state-sponsored attacks…
cyberattack, ransomware
cyberattack, Security News

Cyberattack strikes Watertown schools

The Watertown (New York) city school district is the latest to be hit with a cyberattack. School district Superintendent Patricia LaBarr did not specify the type of attack that took place, but said it happened on July 27 and an outside security firm and law enforcement have been brought in to help. “At this time,…
Malware, Security News

Agent Smith Android malware infiltrates 25 million devices

A new variant of mobile malware dubbed “Agent Smith” has already infected 25 million devices, 15 million of which are in India. Check Point researchers discovered the malware disguised as a Google-related application that leverages known Android exploits and automatically replaces installed apps with malicious imitations without users’ knowledge or interaction, according to a July…
Ransomware, Security News

GandCrab ransomware operators put in retirement papers

After operating for about 18 months, the RaaS gang operating under the name GandCrab has announced it has cashed out of the game and has retired. GandCrab’s operators posted a message on a dark web forum indicating the group had made more than $2 billion with its RaaS operation, had laundered the money and was…
Security News, Vulnerabilities

Despite patch, nearly 1M devices still vulnerable to ‘BlueKeep’ RCE flaw

Almost 1 million internet-connected devices remain vulnerable to the critical “BlueKeep” remote code execution bug that was recently found in Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Services, despite security fixes that were issued as part of May’s Patch Tuesday earlier this month. Officially designated CVE-2019-0708, the BlueKeep vulnerability could potentially allow unauthenticated attackers to install programs, view or…
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