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GOP Contractor Exposes 198 Million Voter Records

Data on close to 200 million potential voters was exposed thanks to a “misconfigured database” belonging to a data analytics contractor employed by the Republic National Committee (RNC).

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Misconfigured database exposes 974,000 University of Washington Medicine patients

Almost one million University of Washington (UW) Medicine personal health information files were exposed for most of December 2018 due to a misconfigured database. The healthcare facility reported a website server was searchable on the internet from December 4-26 containing the data on 974,000 patients. UW said the delay in reporting the data breach was…
Automakers pen 'privacy principles' for in-car technology
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Misconfigured database exposes 198M records on prospective auto buyers

Dealer Leads, LLC, a digital marketing company for car dealerships, was discovered last month to have exposed an Elastic database that contained 198 million records on prospective automotive buyers. Publicly accessible information included the plain-text names, email addresses, phone numbers, home addresses and IP addresses of visitors to numerous websites affiliated with Dealer Leads, cybersecurity…
Yes, Virginia, there is privacy (I hope)
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Virgin Media leaves database open, thousands of records exposed

The UK telecom and ISP Virgin Media is informing some customers of a data breach that took place when unauthorized persons accessed an incorrectly configured database. Virgin Media, which supplies telephone, TV and internet services in the UK, said names, home and email addresses, phone numbers and in some cases birth dates, were stored in…
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App leaves over 2 million WiFi network passwords exposed on open database

More than two million WiFi network passwords were reportedly left exposed on an open database by the developer of WiFi Finder, an app designed to help device owners find and log in to hotspots. The developer, Proofusion, claims its product only lists passwords for public Wi-Fi networks offered by the likes of restaurants and other…
A hacker claims to have leaked vendor account information including encrypted passwords.
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Events planning company database exposes more than 200,000 records

Australia-based events planning company Amazingco leaked more than 200,000 records after an Elastic database was left unprotected and accessible by anybody with a browser. The database, since shutdown, housed 174,000 records in a folder called “Customers,” that a folder contained “names, email, phone numbers, addresses, and notes about the events,” Jeremiah Fowler, the researcher who…
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22,000 Kars4Kids donor data records exposed

Thousands of donors who were able to look past the Kars4Kids ad jingle and went ahead had their information exposed when a misconfigured MongoDB made it publicly accessible. Bob Diachenko, HackenProof’s director of cyber risk research, found the 21,612 customer/donor and charity’s records containing emails and personal data open to the public. The corporate records…
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