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Aggah malspam campaign updated with new payloads

An updated Aggah malspam campaign is distributing malicious Microsoft Office documents designed to trigger a multi-stage infection in order to a target a user’s endpoint. The campaign is depositing Agent Tesla, njRAT and Nanocore RAT in a attack that is being run out of several Pastebin accounts, reported Cisco Talos. As with previous Aggah attacks,…
Security News, Vulnerabilities

Capesand EK attacking IE, Flash vulnerabilities

The new Capesand exploit kit, possibly derived from an older EK, has been found being used to take advantage of Internet Explorer and Adobe Flash vulnerabilities. Trend Micro’s Elliot Cao, Joseph C. Chen and William Gamazo Sanchez came across Capesand while tracking a campaign that was using the Rig EK to DarkRAT and njRAT malware.…
cyberattack, Security News

OpenDocument files now being used in attacks

In a case where a malicious actor may be throwing different attack vectors against a wall to see which sticks and works best, Cisco Talos has found one group using OpenDocument files to bypass a computer’s antivirus protection. Using Microsoft Office files as a launching point for an attack is old hat, but now Cisco…
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