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Group IB shows even tighter ties between BadRabbit and NotPetya

A new report on the BadRabbit ransomware campaign that sprang up earlier this week has revealed that BadRabbit is most likely derived from NotPetya, based on clues in the code and other evidence. The majority of what Group IB disclosed was revealed earlier by other sources, but Rustam Mirkasymov, a threat intel expert at the firm,…

BadRabbit ransomware moves to the U.S., links to Petya/NotPetya being debated

Less than 24 hours after BadRabbit hopped out of its black hole the malware is still spreading, albeit slowly, with U.S. CERT having received reports of infections, meanwhile researchers say this worm-like ransomware may have ties to Petya/NotPetya. So far 200 targets have been hit in Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Bulgaria and the United States with…

NotPetya hangover impacting Merck’s bottom line, manufacturing operations

The fallout from the June NotPetya cyberattack is still being registered by some of the victims with pharmaceutical manufacturer Merck reporting it is still feeling the attack’s impact and still cannot measure the total affect the disruption caused on its business. Merck reported it still has not fully quantified the financial impact NotPetya had, but…
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