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Threat hunters watch as Chinese hackers forage forums for tools

Mike McLellan, senior security researcher at Secureworks, talks about the discovery and investigation of one recent Chinese attack campaign that revealed how nation-state actors will leverage any code at their disposal.
Security News

Hacking for the holidays: Healthcare Ransomware Edition

Here’s how the healthcare industry can protect itself during the busy holiday hacking season The healthcare ransomware conundrum When ransomware hits a hospital, lives are on the line. Ed Tittel looks at how to deal with cyberattacks when lives are at stake The medical services industry is in a uniquely vulnerable position when it comes…
Digital stickup

Digital stick-up: Online account fraud

Corporate account takeover remains prevalent, resulting in $87.5 million in losses last year. But all banks can strive to prevent it, while staying within budget, says Rudy Wolfs of ING Direct.
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