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The News Team Blog

Adobe patches dangerous flaw

Today is turning into a minor version of "Patch Tuesday" for companies.

Adobe announced today it has shored up a severe vulnerability affecting Adobe...
The News Team Blog

Beware the gadget bug

I fell asleep early last night, so I woke up this morning mindful of a shaky Mets bullpen and eager to check last night’s scores...
The News Team Blog

When IT security takes a backseat

We can hear all the reports we want about breached databases and servers at colleges - tens of thousands of student, faculty and staff identities...
The News Team Blog

Microsoft saves the world with the ANI patch

Anytime Microsoft races to push out an ultra critical patch out of their usual Black Tuesday monthly cycle, it usually means something pretty bad is...
The News Team Blog

I can see your Facebook pictures

If you’re anxiously waiting for Microsoft to announce how many patches the company will release next Tuesday, here’s some interesting reading material.

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