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2 minutes on…Hackers hit Patch Tuesday

Now that security pros are comfortable with Microsoft's monthly patching cycle, so too are the malware writers. The bad guys have learned that by putting out zero-day exploits close to Patch Tuesday, Microsoft cannot respond until the following month.

Patch management doesn’t begin or end on Patch Tuesday

Many organizations appreciate the regularity of Patch Tuesday to better prepare and execute patch deployment. However, few organizations use the time prior to Patch Tuesday to efficiently prepare systems and people for rapid deployment. In 2005, the industry average to fully deploy a new critical security patch was a full 30 days. With the rise of zero-day threats and the release of out-of-cycle patches, administrators need a plan for handling emergency policy and patch updates.

Hot or not: Browser vulnerabilities

With the spate of web browser vulnerability announcements this year, many of them true zero-day vulnerabilities, the topic of browser security is as hot as it's been in the past five years. And perhaps the hottest issues surrounding Patch Tuesday this month don't involve the 10 security bulletins Microsoft published as scheduled, but the fix that was released two weeks prior to patch Tuesday - out of schedule.
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Adding to the team

Scott Davis and his small network security team at global investment management firm T. Rowe Price, no longer want to hide under the covers on Microsoft's "Patch Tuesdays."

Patching process

There are many different names for the second Tuesday of every month: Patch Tuesday, Super Tuesday, Black Tuesday — and maybe even some other unsavory nicknames not suitable for print. This day, when Microsoft rolls out security updates, is the fulcrum around which most organizations' whole patch management cycles revolve. But just as there are different nicknames for the day, there are also differing opinions about how it should be handled and how quickly organizations should respond with changes.
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WMF focuses security pros’ attention

As the new year began, security professionals were left in a hole. With an official patch for a recently discovered Windows meta file (WMF) vulnerability almost two weeks from release, analysts were forced to deal with a vulnerability that many did not technically consider a "vulnerability" at all.
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News briefs

The uproar over foreign control over American interests was blamed for the break-up of one nearly successful IT security merger. Check Point Software Technologies Ltd., which is based in Israel, and Maryland-based Sourcefire broke off a $225 million merger that came under intense scrutiny by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS). "Basically we agreed to withdraw applications based on a couple of things," said Michelle Perry, chief marketing officer for Sourcefire. "First the complexities of the overall CFIUS process, the lengthy ongoing delays and the current climate for international acquisitions.
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