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Is reactive patching the answer to protecting against known vulnerabilities?

The time in which it takes hackers to write malicious code to exploit a known vulnerability is rapidly shrinking. The appearance of the Sasser worm in the shortest time ever, just 18 days between the revealing of a Microsoft vulnerability and the beginning of an attack, marks a new low point in the fight against cyber crime. With the protective window of opportunity getting ever smaller, the task of patching vulnerable software is becoming an increasingly endless one.
Security News

The Patch Payback Problem

On the second Tuesday of every month, Microsoft releases its latest compilation of security patches, prompting security professionals to quickly evaluate the impact of each on their entire infrastructure, put together a test and implementation plan, and efficiently close up those pesky vulnerabilities before the bad guys can get through. Just like clockwork, right? Don’t we wish!
Security News

Days in the life of a pen-tester

Foreign hackers, weak passwords, backdoors and buffer overflows – just another day at the office for Network Defence’s penetration testers. Here’s a look at sample pages from the head tester’s diary– and what companies can learn from the results.
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