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Two Romanians convicted for roles in Bayrob malware operation

Two Romanian nationals were convicted in an Ohio federal court on Thursday for their roles in the Bayrob group, an organization that launched a multi-million-dollar cybercriminal operation fueled by its own proprietary malware. Bogdan Nicolescu, 36, and Radu Miclaus, 37, were found guilty on separate 21 counts for developing and spreading the Bayrob trojan, which…
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Ransomware attack comes with malicious ransom note

Some cybercriminals are taking an “in for a penny in for a pound” approach with a new ransomware campaign that is now under development. MalwareHunterTeam discovered the ransomware and the fact the malicious actors kindly offer several forms of payment to obtain the decrytption key, including PayPal. However, if the victim chooses PayPal and follows…
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Android trojan scams PayPal users into giving up 2FA credentials

ESET has come across an Android trojan capable of defeating the multifactor authentication required to access the official PayPal app. Multifactor authentication (2FA) has become a keystone for many organizations and individuals attempting to secure their data, but one cybergang has created an app masquerading as a battery optimization tool in third-party Android stores that…
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Vision Direct breach exposes customers’ personal, financial data

Personal and financial data entered by customers who ordered or updated information on the website was compromised and stolen between November 3 to November 8, the London-based company warned in an updated online alert. The data compromised included “full name, billing address, email address, password, telephone number and payment card information, including card number,…
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A matter of trust: Leveraging the authority of HR in phishing campaigns

By Stu Sjouwerman, CEO, KnowBe4 If there is one thing that characterizes almost all phishing emails, it is the element of deception. And the most common way for bad guys to pull the wool over users’ eyes is to employ social engineering schemes that leverage users’ trust in well-known brands, prominent companies, popular websites, ubiquitous…
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The Littler Fish in the Sea: Expanding the Menu of Spoofed Brands

If there is one key “feature” of phishing that has characterized the epidemic of malicious emails since the very beginning back in the early 2000s, it is the spoofing of well-recognized brand names.  The earliest phishing emails primarily spoofed banks and other financial institutions in order to trick unwitting users into coughing up their online…
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