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Dire straights: Glamoriser smart hair straighteners susceptible to hacking, warn researchers

Here’s some news that might curl your hair: A pen testing firm has disclosed a vulnerability in the Glamoriser smart hair straightener that could allow attackers to easy gain control of the device and perhaps create a fire hazard. The problem involves the Bluetooth Low Energy connection that the straightener uses to communicate with mobile…
Suit: Comcast public WiFi hotspot network uses home modems, drives up customer costs
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IoT ‘ding-donger’ reveals WiFi passwords

The Ring WiFi doorbell, an IoT device, not only allows users to view whomever is on their doorstep via the internet from a mobile device when they are not home, but also gives away the homeowners WiFi password.
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Researchers hack cars via aftermarket alarm systems

Pen Test Partners found vulnerabilities in aftermarket car alarms which allowed them to hack and hijack cars in a matter of moments. Pen Test Partners tested two alarms, one from Pandora Car Alarm Systems and the other Viper. The former said it uses uses 2.4 GHz radio frequencies to transport  encrypted messaging, among other features,…
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