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St Bernard Software iPrism Appliance

Unique in this test, the iPrism is actually an appliance. Although these tend to be more expensive than software-only products, they usually have the advantage of a fairly solid configuration since they are factory-build.

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St. Bernard iPrism M3100

The St Bernard iPrism is an appliance that provides a reasonably wide range of web content filtering related features. Using access control lists (ACLs), iPrism allows real granularity in how and when the Internet can be accessed.
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iPrism 1200

St. Bernard's iPrism 1200 is a 1U rack-mountable appliance. With clearly labelled network ports, it is very simple to connect to the network. St. Bernard also sells the iPrism 3000, which is aimed at larger organizations, with Gigabit Ethernet.

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‘Mirrorthief’ card-skimming attack steals card data from online college stores

A total of 201 online college stores in the U.S. and Canada have fallen victim to a Magecart-style card-skimming attack that appears to be the work of a new cybercrime group with no clear ties to past Magecart activity. Dubbed Mirrorthief, the group injected the sites’ checkout pages with a customized skimmer script that grabs…
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St. Bernard Software iPrism 100h

The iPrism 100h is an inline web content management appliance using a combination of a URL database, user defined policies, and active anti-virus/malware scanning to provide blocking, filtering and reporting of access to websites and content.
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Prism Patch Manager

This product was extremely quick to install, the whole process taking less than a minute. And scanning our test network was also very quick, taking just six minutes or so from clicking the icon to completing a network scan. Larger networks will understandably take longer. The main interface is clear and well laid-out and generally…
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