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Want to cripple your attackers R&D arm? Look for them on your network…

As I explained in a previous post, hacking back can not only constitute a crime, but it rarely does any significant damage to the somewhat advanced attacker, given the disposable, tactical nature of the attacker’s assets that are typically targeted and exposed during a hack-back operation.  Inflicting significant damage to a cyber attack organization is…
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A 10-point plan for securing remote workers

Globally, more and more organizations are beginning to enforce work from home policies for employees and contractors. Opening up this kind of remote access for employees and contractors across all departments is new for many organizations. While several organizations have remote access for their IT support personnel, allowing access for all major departments, including core…
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Examining the Current State of Database Security

Considering that database systems hold extremely valuable and sensitive information, one would assume that most organizations would fiercely protect these "crown jewels" with great care.
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ISOC: Operationalizing Threat Intelligence

Traditional Security Operation Centers (SOC) are reactive, relying primarily on preventative and signature based technologies. In recent years this approach has proven ineffective against both common and advanced threats that are increasing in sophistication, velocity and volume.  It seems organizations are always one step behind their adversaries. Instead, organizations should adopt a Detect and Respond…
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Why Hacking Back Rarely Works

In November, the UK announced a formal policy of hacking back against nation state attackers. While it might be a viable government policy, for most enterprises, a cyberattack is a crime, not an act of war.
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