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Kernel privilege escalation bug actively exploited in Android devices

Researchers have discovered a zero-day kernel privilege escalation bug that can result in the full compromise of certain Android devices and is apparently being exploited in the wild. Devices known to be affected by the high-level, use-after-free vulnerability include the Pixel 1, 1X:, 2 and 2 XL; the Huawei P20; the Xiaomi Redmi 5A; the…
VMware advisory warns users to patch critical issue in product
Network Security, Security News, Vulnerabilities

VMware squashes critical code execution bug in hypervisors

VMware has updated its Workstation hosted hypervisor and Fusion software hypervisor, fixing a critical vulnerability that could be exploited to trigger arbitrary code execution or a denial of service condition. The virtualization and cloud computing software provider company also fixed two important privilege escalation flaws spread out between four of its products. Designated CVE-2020-3947, the most critical…
Adobe releases patches for critical vulnerabilities in Flash, Shockwave and Photoshop
Network Security, Security News, Vulnerabilities

Patch Tuesday: Adobe announces 25 bug fixes, 21 in Acrobat products

On the last Patch Tuesday of 2019, Adobe today released security updates for Acrobat and Acrobat Reader, Photoshop CC, Brackets and ColdFusion, fixing 25 critical and important vulnerabilities in the process. Twenty-one of the flaws were found in various Acrobat and Acrobat Reader products for the Windows and macOS platforms. Of these, 14 are critical,…
Network Security, Security News

Researchers disclose six privilege escalation bugs in Shimo VPN client

The Shimo VPN client for Mac systems contains six privilege escalation vulnerabilities that have yet to be patched by its developers, researchers from Cisco’s Talos division reported yesterday. Shimo is a product that allows users to connect multiple VPN accounts to a single application. Discovered by Cisco Labs researcher Tyler Bohan, all six flaws were…
Network Security, Patch Management, Security News, Vulnerabilities

Cisco patches privilege escalation flaw in Adaptive Securty Appliance software

Cisco Systems this week issued an update for its Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) software, fixing a high-severity vulnerability that could allow authenticated attackers with low-level access to remotely escalate their privileges on Cisco devices with web management access enabled. Designated CVE-2018-15465, the flaw is the result of an improper validation process while using the web management interface.…
Mobile Security, Network Security, Security News, Vulnerabilities

Privilege escalation bug patched in Accelerated Mobile Pages WordPress plug-in

A WordPress plug-in used to build faster-loading web pages was discovered to contain a privilege escalation vulnerability that allows unauthorized attackers to inject malicious HTML code into the main page. In a company blog post yesterday, researchers at WebARX disclosed the bug, which resides in the “MP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Pages” plug-in. The…
Network Security, Patch Management, Vulnerabilities

Adobe tackles two critical bugs in Acrobat and Reader update

Adobe Systems today released an unscheduled security update for Acrobat and Reader for both the Windows and MacOS operating systems, fixing two critical vulnerabilities in the process. The San Jose, Calif.-based software company identified the issues as a use-after-free bug that can result in arbitrary code execution (CVE-2018-16011) and a security bypass flaw that can lead…
Network Security, Security News, Vulnerabilities

Flaws in visitor management systems could roll out welcome mat for attackers

Five kiosk-based visitor management systems designed to securely check guests into business facilities or industrial buildings were found to contain vulnerabilities that could potentially allow attackers to physically intrude into spaces, break into private networks or steal information. Normally, these systems automate the authentication of visitors and provision them with security badges (potentially RFID-enabled) for…
Security News, Vulnerabilities

Adobe update cleans up 86 bugs in Acrobat and Reader, many critical

Adobe Systems today issued a significant update to its Acrobat and Acrobat Reader products for Windows and macOS, fixing 86 vulnerabilities, including multiple critical arbitrary code execution flaws. The bugs consist of 22 out-of-bounds writes, 36 out-of-bounds reads, seven heap overflows, seven use-after-frees, three type confusions, one stack overflow, one double free, two integer overflows,…
Network Security, Security News, Vulnerabilities

Researchers disclose five unpatched bugs in Comodo Antivirus

Researchers at Tenable have disclosed five unpatched vulnerabilities in Comodo Antivirus, which reportedly will be patched by Monday of next week. The most significant of the zero-days appears to be CVE-2019-3969, a local privilege escalation condition that results from an flawed verification mechanism in the CmdAgent.exe process file. “A local process can bypass the signature…
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