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InnfiRAT malware hunts for cryptocurrency info, browser cookie data

Researchers have discovered a previously unknown remote access trojan called InnfiRAT, capable of data exfiltration and digital spying. InnfiRAT searches for users’ cryptocurrency wallet information (Bitcoin and Litecoin included), and steals browser cookie data in order to obtain victims’ usernames, passwords and session data. This information is then sent to a malicious command-and-control server, explain…
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PupyRAT found sniffing around EU energy concern

A command and control server used by the Iranian-associate group PupyRAT has been found communicating with the mail server of a European energy sector organization for the last several months. Recorded Future’s Insikt Group reported PupyRAT, a remote access trojan, had been chatting with the command and control server from November 2019 until about January…
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